Theoretical papers

Selection of  Theoretical Papers

Year Author(s) - largeur originale 48Title - largeur originale 64ReferenceWeb linkCommentKey-words
1934Fer34bE. FermiVersuch einer theorie der beta-strahlen Z. Phys. 88 (1934) 161Fred L. Wilson, Fermi's Theory of Beta Decay, American Journal of Physics 36, 1150 (1968) - English translation of the paper published in Zeitschrift für Physikhistorical betadecay
1941Gam41G. Gamow and M. Schoenberg Neutrino theory of stellar collapse Phys. Rev. 59 (1941) 539historical supernova milestonebib overviewbib supernbib
1949Alv49L.W. Alvarez A proposed Experimental Test of the Neutrino Theory UCRL Report 328 (1949)historical detection discovbib nuantinubib
1957Lee57T.D. Lee and C.N. Yang Parity non-conservation and a two-component theory of the neutrinoPhys. Rev. 105 (1957) 1671historical properties milestonebib overviewbib discovbib propbib
1958Fey58R.P. Feynman and M. Gell-MannTheory of the Fermi interactionPhys. Rev. 109 (1958) 193historical theorybib
1958Gol58M. Goldhaber, L. Grodzins, A. Sunyar Helicity of neutrinos Phys. Rev. 109 (1958) 1015historical properties milestonebib overviewbib discovbib propbib theorybib plotbib
1958Gro58L. GrodzinsLifetime of a 1- level in 152SmPhys. Rev. 109 (1958) 1014historical properties discovbib propbib theorybib
1961Gla61S.L. GlashowPartial symmetries of weak interactionsNucl. Phys. 22 (1961) 579theorybib
1962Mak62Z. Maki, M. Nakagawa and S. SakataRemarks on the Unified Model of Elementary ParticlesProgress of Theoretical Physics 28 (1962) 870historical oscillation theory milestonebib overviewbib oscbib
1964Ber64aG. Bernardini et al. Search for intermediate boson production in high energy neutrino interactionsPhys. Lett. 13 (1964) 86historical accelerator theory numubib
1967Pon67B. Pontecorvo Neutrino experiments and the question of leptonic-charge conservationSoviet Physics JETP 26 (1968) 984 ; ZETF 53 (1967) 1717 historical oscillation theory milestonebib overviewbib oscbib theorybib
1967Wei67S. Weinberg A model of leptonsPhys. Rev. Lett. 19 (1967) 1264theorybib
1968Wil68Fred L. WilsonFermi's Theory of Beta Decay American Journal of Physics 36, 1150 (1968)English translation of the classic Enrico Fermi paper on beta decay published in Zeitschrift für Physik in 1934historical betadecay theory
1968Sal68A. SalamWeak and electromagnetic interactionsProceedings of the 8th Nobel Symposium, Conf. Proc.C 680519 (1968) 367theorybib
1969Gri69V. Gribov and B. Pontecorvo Neutrino astronomy and lepton charge Phys. Lett. B28 (1969) 493historical oscillation theory oscbib
1971Bur71E.H.S. Burhop, editor Proceedings of the meeting on future experiments with Gargamelle London, 3-4 June 1971 - Report CERN-TCC/71-31proceedings neutralc theory accelerator
1977Min77P. MinkowskiMuon decay into electron and gamma at a rate of one out of 1 billion muon decaysPhys. Lett. B67 (1977) 421historical mass theory milestonebib overviewbib propbib theorybib
1979Gel79M. Gell-Mann, P. Ramond and R. Slansky Complex Spinors and Unified Theories arXiv:1306.4669Supergravity, ed. by D. Freedman and P. van Nieuwenhuizen, North-Holland (1979) p. 315, retro-print & arXiv:hep-ph/9809459Talk by P. Ramond "The family group and Grand Unified Theories" at the 19th Sanibel Symposium, February 1979, retro-print historical mass theory milestonebib overviewbib propbib theorybib
1979Gla79S.L. GlashowThe future of elementary particle physics Cargèse lectures, July 1979, in Quarks and Leptons, Plenum Press, 1980, p. 687 theorybib
1979Wei79S. Weinberg Baryon and lepton non conserving processesPhys. Rev. Lett. 43 (1979) 1566theorybib
1979Yan79T. Yanagida Horizontal symmetry and masses of neutrinosProg. of Theor. Phys. 64 (1980) 1103 & "Horizontal gauge symmetry and masses of neutrinos" in Workshop on Unified Theory and Baryon Number in the Universe, February 1979, O. Sawada and A. Sugamoto editors, KEK, Tsukuba (1979) historical mass theory milestonebib overviewbib propbib
1980Moh80R.N. Mohapatra and G. SenjanovicNeutrino mass and spontaneous parity nonconservationPhys. Rev. Lett. 44 (1980) 912theorybib
1982Nie82M.M. Nieto, W. Haxton, C.M. Hoffman, E.W. Kolb, V.D. Sandberg, J.W. Toevs, ed. Science UndergroundConference in Los Alamos, 1982, AIP Conference Proceedings 96 (1983)Topics covered include solar neutrinos, proton decay, cosmic rays, geophysics, gravity waves, double beta decay, and possible future research directions with underground detectorssolar supernova atmospheric theory
1985Pin85Trevor Pinch Theory Testing in Science – The case of Solar Neutrinos Phil. Soc. Sci. 15 (1985) 167-187See also the book by T. Pinch (Pin1986) - French translation of an older version: "L’anomalie des neutrinos solaires: comment réagissent les théoriciens et les expérimentateurs?", in “La science telle qu’elle se fait” by Michel Callon and Bruno Latour, Editions La Découverte, 1991history outreach
1985Seh85L.M. Sehgal Neutral currents, theory and application Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 14 (1985) 1Nice review of this new form of weak interaction, 10 years after its discoveryreview progpn theory neutralc
1986Fae86Amand Faessler Grand unified theories and the double-beta decay Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 17 (1986) 85review progpn theory doublebeta
1988Bro88G.E. Brown ed. Theory of supernovae Physics Reports 163 (1988) 1 including : J. Cooperstein / Neutrino in supernovae / p. 95 // E.S. Myra / Neutrino transport in stellar collapse / p. 127 // F. Reines and J. VanderVelde / Observation on SN1987A by neutrino light / p. 137review physrep supernova supernbib
1989Kuo89T. K. Kuo and James Pantaleone Neutrino oscillations in matter Rev. Mod. Phys. 61 (1989) 937review rmp oscillation theory
1989Mik89S.P. Mikheyev and A. Yu. Smirnov Resonant neutrino oscillations in matter Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 23 (1989) 41review progpn theory oscillation
1991Val91J.W.F. Valle Gauge theories and the physics of the neutrino mass Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 26 (1991) 91review progpn theory
1999Bil99S.M. Bilenky, C. Giunti and W. Grimus Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 43 (1999) 1review progpn theory oscillation
2003Beu03Mikael Beuthe Oscillations of neutrinos and mesons in quantum field theory Physics Reports 375 (2003) 105review physrep properties oscillation
2004Orl04J. Orloff, S. Lavignac and M. Cribier, editorsSeesaw 25 International Conference on the Seesaw Mechanism, Paris, June 2004, World Scientific 2005proceedings theory
2004Wol04Lincoln Wolfenstein The strength of the weak interaction Ann. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 54 (2004) 1review annualrev theory betadecay
2006Moh06R.N. Mohapatra and A.Y. Smirnov Neutrino mass and new physics Ann. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 56 (2006) 569review annualrev theory properties
2006Mur06H. Murayama Origin of neutrino mass Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 57 (2006) 3 Special issue devoted to neutrino physics – Proceedings of the 2005 International School “Neutrinos in Cosmology, in Astro, Particle, Nuclear Physics”, Ericereview progpn theory properties
2007Jan07H.T. Janka, K. Langanke, A. Marek, G. Martinez-Pinedo, B. Müller Theory of core-collapse supernovaePhysics Reports 442 (2007) 38review physrep supernova
2008Nun08Hiroshi Nunokawa, Stephen Parke and José W.F. ValleCP violation and neutrino oscillationsProg. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 60 (2008) 338review progpn properties oscillation theory
2012Lan12Paul Langacker Neutrino masses from the top down Ann. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 62 (2012) 215review annualrev properties theory
2012Kaj12T. Kajita, M. Koshiba and A. SuzukiOn the origin of the Kamiokande experiment and neutrino astrophysicsEuropean Physical Journal H 37 (2012) 33history solar supernova theory
2013Bur13Adam BurrowsPerspectives on core-collapse supernova theoryRev. Mod. Phys. 85 (2013) 245review rmp supernova
2015Qia15X. Qian and P. Vogel Neutrino mass hierarchyProg. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 83 (2015) 1review progpn theory properties
2016Dor16Ubaldo Dore, Pier Ferruccio Loverre, Lucio LudoviciMeasurement of the Weinberg angle in neutrino interactionsEuropean Physical Journal H 41 (2016) 137accelerator theory
2016Gou16André de Gouvêa Neutrino Mass Models Ann. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 66 (2016) 197review annualrev properties theory
2016Per16Don H. PerkinsEarly steps towards quarks and their interactions using neutrino beams in CERN bubble chamber experimentsEuropean Physical Journal H 41 (2016) 157accelerator theory
2017Kin17S.F. King Unified models of neutrinos, flavours and CP violation Prog. in Part. and Nucl. Phys. 94 (2017) 217review progpn theory
2019Giu19Carlo Giunti and Thierry LasserreeV-Scale Sterile NeutrinosAnn. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 69 (2019) 163annualrev detection theory oscillation doublebeta betadecay
2021Arg21Carlos A. Argüelles, Alejandro Diaz, Ali Kheirandish, Andrés Olivares-Del-Campo, Ibrahim Safa, and Aaron C. VincentDark matter annihilation to neutrinosRev. Mod. Phys. 93 (2021) 035007 rmp theory
2021Bod21Dietrich Bödeker and Wilfried BuchmüllerBaryogenesis from the weak scale to the grand unification scaleRev. Mod. Phys. 93 (2021) 035004 rmp theory
2021Das21Basudeb Dasgupta, Joachim KoppSterile neutrinosPhys. Rep. 928 (2021) 1 physrep theory
2021Fer21Ferruccio Feruglio and Andrea RomaninoLepton flavor symmetriesRev. Mod. Phys. 93 (2021) 015007 rmp theory
2021Tam21Irene Tamborra and Shashank ShalgarNew Developments in Flavor Evolution of a Dense Neutrino GasAnn. Rev. of Nucl. and Part. Science 71 (2021) 165annualrev supernova cosmological theory