Web sites


Large panel of information about neutrinos
History of the neutrino (D. Verkindt) One of the first complete sites about neutrino history.
But not seriously updated since June 1999
All things Neutrino (FNAL neutrino web site)
For a nice history of the neutrino
A lot of information about neutrino, neutrino sources, neutrino experiments…
Hanford and Savannah River first neutrino detections
(Los Alamos Science Number 25 1997)
A detailed description of the 1953 and 1956 neutrino detection experiments
Neutrino Unbound (S. Gariazzo, C. Giunti, M. Laveder) A lot of information, publications, links about neutrinos.
The ultimate neutrino page (Juha Peltoniemi) A lot of information about neutrinos.
But not updated since April 2005.
The neutrino oscillation industry (Maury Goodman) Many information about neutrinos, especially with an exhaustive list of experiments. Last update : February 2020
Wikipedia list of neutrino experiments
Full but incomplete list of past and present neutrino experiments. Updated regularly
Wikipedia page about the neutrino Quite complete set of informations about the neutrino, with many topics. Updated regularly
Particle Data Group information
Particle Data Group : Summary Table on Leptons Leptons summarized by PDG in 2021
Particle Data Group : Neutrino Masses, Mixing and Oscillations Neutrinos properties summarized by PDG in 2021
Particle Data Group : Neutrinos in Cosmology Links between neutrinos and cosmology in 2021
Particle Data Group : Neutrino Beam Lines at High-Energy Proton Synchrotrons Neutrino beams summarized by PDG in 2021
Particle Data Group : Neutrino Cross-sections measurements Neutrinos cross-sections summarized by PDG in 2021
Brief history or dedicated web sites
A brief history of the neutrino (D. Kielczewska and E. Rondio) Not really a web site but a quite complete pdf file
The Pauli neutrino The Zurich ETH exhibit about Pauli and the neutrino
Pauli archives Wealthy archive about Pauli’s writing and life
Neutrino timeline (J. Learned and S. Pakvasa) An interesting and detailed timeline about neutrinos. Not updated since September 2018
Neutrino timeline (EDP Sciences) A brief but quite complete neutrino timeline of radioactivity.eu.com
Chronology of Milestone Events in Particle Physics (as in scientific litterature) : provided by IHEP Moscow and PDG Berkeley
The Net Advance of Physics: Neutrino MIT Review Articles and Tutorials
The Net Advance of Physics: History and Philosophy: the Neutrino (Karen Rae Reck) MIT Review Articles and Tutorials
Magazines containing neutrino folders
Symmetry Magazine A joint Fermilab/SLAC publication. Several articles dedicated to past and present neutrino experiments with a selection of articles presenting some interest in the history of the neutrino.
Nature Typing “neutrino” gives a list of articles (articles, reports or News and Views) published in Nature or in Scientific American.