Historical papers

References on historical papers

1896H. Becquerel 1) Sur les radiations émises par phosphorescence; 2) Sur les radiations invisibles émises par les corps phosphorescents Comptes-Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, 122 (1896) 420 (24 février 1896) &
Comptes-Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, 122 (1896) 501 (2 mars 1896) - Details in a paper, in French, by J.L. Basdevant The first paper is translated in English in « A. Pais, Inward Bound, Oxford University Press, 1986
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1930W. Pauli Dear radioactive ladies and gentlemen Pauli to L. Meitner (in German) , English translation by K. Rieselmann, French translation
1932J. Chadwick Possible existence of a neutron Nature 129 (1932) 312
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For the full article (14.8 Mo)
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For the full article (6.0 Mo)
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For the full article (5.1 Mo)
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For the full article (3.9 Mo)
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For the full article (32 Mo)
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1980Emilio SegrèFrom X-rays to quarks – Modern physicists and their discoveriesDover - French translation : Les physiciens modernes et leurs découvertes – Des rayons X aux quarks, Fayard, 1984. One could have expected some pages about the neutrino, but, surprisingly, it is just quoted once and there is nothing interesting about its history.
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1982Paris 1982International Colloquium on the History of Particle Physics, ParisInternational Colloquium on the History of Particle Physics, Journal de Physique Colloque C-8, suppl. n° 12 - Colloquium devoted to the history of particle physice. Several articles devoted to neutrinos
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1984E. Amaldi From the discovery of the neutron to the discovery of nuclear fission Physics Reports 111 (1984) 1 - See in particular section 3 devoted to the neutrino] [In ref. [277], it is quoted: “The name “neutrino” (a funny and grammatically incorrect contraction of “little neutron” in Italian: neutronino) entered the international terminology through Fermi, who started to use it sometime between the conference in Paris in July 1932 and the Solvay Conference in October 1933 where Pauli used it. The word came out in a humorous conversation at the Istituto di Via Panisperna. Fermi, Amaldi and few other were present and Fermi was explaining Pauli’s hypothesis about his “light neutron”. For distinguishing this particle from the Chadwick neutron Amaldi jokingly used this funny name, - says Occhialini, who recalls of having shortly later told this little story in Cambridge.”
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For the full article (3.4 Mo)
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